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Welcome to the very first edition of TGC’s Costs Newsletter! Costs has been a huge part of our practice at TGC for as long as it has been recognised as a discrete area of law. Whilst the team has naturally changed and evolved over that time, it has retained phenomenal strength and depth from its leadership right through to its most junior members. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the field and being able to offer a client service level second to none. We remain extremely grateful for our Directory recognition, and through 2017 we’ve reinvigorated our energy levels as a team being ever ready to serve!

2017 has already proved to be an extremely exciting year.   We launched our sell-out one day costs conference in February which was attended by more than 250 delegates and presented on a number of critical topics: retainers, assignment, ATE premiums, proportionality, budgeting, Part 36, QOCS, fixed costs and assessment.  We were particularly honoured to have speakers from the Court of Appeal, the SCCO, and the QBD.  In case you missed it, the materials can still be found on our website at http://tgchambers.com/news-and-resources/seminars/retainer-recovery-journey-modern-litigation/.

We have had significant instructions in a high number of cases that continue to shape the future for the costs world.  This newsletter aims to bring you the latest news (at the time of print) on the hottest topics including: how to hack through Article 10 and blag about additional liabilities (Flood/Miller/Frost), a review of New P in anticipation of BNM, substance not form on CFA retainers post-legal aid funding, a club-like search for logic in fixed costs, the Ps & Qs of QOCS, extension of pre-LASPO CFA and ATE to a post-LASPO appeal and assignment-lite (Plevin), the surviving power of set-off even in QOCS cases and, not least, the budget vs assessment battle (Harrison).  In for a penny, in for a pound.

On the horizon is, of course, the long awaited Court of Appeal decision in BNM.  I have prepared a skeleton argument in a parallel appellate case (Murrells) albeit at Circuit Judge level, but having had the paper fight, the parties have agreed to await the outcome of BNM.  At the same time, the Court of Appeal shall be giving judgment on assignment of CFAs in Budana.  No doubt those decisions will mark the trigger for our next publication.

Finally, I should take this opportunity to thank all of the contributors for their hard work, and my Associate Editors for all of their help and without whom this newsletter would not have taken off.  Happy reading!

Download the PDF [http://tgchambers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/TGC031_Costs_Newsletter_v1.pdf]

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